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4 Easy Maintenance Tips for Electric Wood Splitter

Posted by Molly Goddard on
4 Easy Maintenance Tips for Electric Wood Splitter

The best electric log splitter is an efficient log splitting device that operates on electric power and requires access to a power outlet therefore, in order to be used. Electric log splitters have an extensive shelf life and need to be regularly preserved and maintained to last for a long period of time. There are four easy maintenance tips that you can take into consideration if you own an electric log splitter and intend on keeping it in good shape for several years.

Disconnect the Power and Release Built up Pressure

You need to disconnect the power cord when not using the electric log splitter. You should also allow for the release of built up pressure prior to cleaning, inspecting or repairing it.

Keep the Blade Sharp and Lubricate the Log Splitter Components

Make sure to keep the blade of the electric log splitter sharp at all times especially if using it extensively. The different parts of the electric log splitter also need to be lubricated on a regular basis in order to function well enough over the years.

Examine thoroughly for Wear and Tear

You need to be on the lookout for worn out or damaged parts as these may hamper the overall effective functioning of the machine. You also need to make sure that the different moving parts are well aligned with one another and that the bolts and screws are tightened well enough prior to being used.

Get the Electric Log Splitter repaired by a Qualified Mechanic

When it comes to carrying out repair work for your electric log splitter, ensure that you hire the services of a qualified electrician or mechanic for this purpose. It requires considerable skill and expertise to get an electric log splitter up and running again after it conks off.

Thus, by keeping the different points mentioned above in mind, you can certainly do a good job of maintaining your electric log splitter well enough.


Growing Taller Than Average Height

Posted by Molly Goddard on

Though the importance of height from a personal point of view can be argued either for or against being tall, most average height males wish that there was someone to show them how to grow taller in a week. Being tall simply has its advantages, especially for males, in American society.

Maybe it is because there is a deep relation with height and posture and health of the male. No matter the reason, being taller usually has its advantages. The problem is that some people aren’t meant to be taller. They can, however, use techniques that allow for optimal body growth and show them how to grow taller in a week. Whether a person’s genes limit their height to 5’11″ or 6’11″, there are things that can be done to assure that one actually does grow to be this tall. Let’s learn some things that can teach anyone how to be taller in a week.


First, exercise is important for a body in practicing how to grow taller. Lengthening of the muscles through workouts and stretching accommodates the legs, abdomen, or neck to grow as much as possible. Important muscle groups to key in on when attempting to gain height are the erector spinae, latissimus dorsi, neck, and quadriceps. Second, a good diet is necessary.

Eating more frequently during the day gives one’s body the necessary energy to grow as well as function. Malnutrition is the key factor attributed to the stunted heights in North Koreans. This may not be a solution on how to grow taller in a week, but if practiced over longer periods of time, growth will occur. Supplements often promise to make subjects grow in height, but many are phony. Human Growth Hormones control the body’s uptake of hormones that cause cell division in bones and thus the increases in their lengths.

In the United States, Growth Hormone is illegal unless prescribed by a doctor. A third thing to keep in good practice is to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep’s increased anabolic state rejuvenates the skeletal and muscular systems. Without this important time, the body can never repair itself from its use in the prior day. This is the main time of day for body growth; because of this, it is an important practice on the question of how to grow taller.

Fourth, good posture is important in shaping a body’s long run health, as well as maximizing height. Slouching and bending over encourage a curved position for back bone to grow in. This is an easy practice that can be applied everyday as an almost mindless task. Of course, the human body does have its limits.

Generally, an adult only grows up until about the age of 20, though it is more commonly higher in males than females. While young bodies grow, the growth plates on the ends of each of their long bones are constantly going through cell division via mitosis. This cartilage grows until it is no longer a plate, but is replaced by a growth line. After this occurs, usually early twenties, the adult is finished growing.