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Garcinia Cambogia Weight-loss

Posted by Molly Goddard on

What is Garcinia Cambgia? How does It Work?

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit that is naturally grown in parts of Asia and India. An extract from the fruit’s rind, hydroxycitric acid (HCA), can help to suppress your appetite and improve your body’s fat-burning capabilities.

Garcinia Cambogia extract has following special functions.

  1.  It stops your body storing carbohydrates as fat. It does this because HCA inhibits an enzyme that helps turn excess carbohydrates into fat. Instead it burns those extra carbs!
  2. It is a natural appetite suppressant, thus reducing the amount of food you eat.
  3.  It boosts your body’s production of serotonin, “the happy hormone”. You feel more confident and happier! People with low levels of serotonin run the risk of suffering from low self-esteem and even depression. If you’re one of those people that deal with low levels of serotonin and blue moods by binge-eating, then you’ll know that this can make dieting feel impossible. With increased serotonin levels, your confidence and motivation will increase. You’ll feel you can achieve your weight-loss goal; you’ll be less inclined to binge-eat because you won’t be experiencing so many low moods, and you’ll actually feel less hungry.

Why Buy from Garcinia Cambogia Aus?

Garcinia Cambogia Aus is an Australian owned and run business that aims to bring the best quality Garcinia Cambogia to all Australians. Unlike other companies we only source the best quality Garcinia Cambogia extract of Australia because we know quality should always come first.

This makes it one of the most powerful and effective on the market as it contains 70% HCA which is very hard to find as most will only contain 50% to 60% and this is simply not potent enough for your body to react to it and work effectively.

Our product has proven results, but don’t take our word for it, try it today!

With nothing to lose with our 200% money back guarantee! Testimonials

Juliee L: I have been taking this for a week and have already lost 2kilos, I’m so excited to see how much I can lose, Great Product.

Kyli D: I had tried other Garcinia Cambogia’s before with little results, however my trainer advised this one due to the 70% HCA and boy I’m happy that he did, I’ve just got back into my jeans that wouldn’t fit.

Sarah P: I never thought I?d be able to walk confidently down the beach, but the other day I did just that and I loved it! I can?t believe the results with Garcinia Cambogia, incredible!

What Is The Medical Community Saying About Garcinia Cambogia?

About a year ago, Dr. Oz presented Garcinia Cambogia extract to the world. If you are lucky I think you can still find the original footage floating around Youtube. On his show he exposed the powers of this wonderful fruit. Dr. Oz decided to perform an experiment on his show. Two women took Garcinia Extract for a week and managed to lose 3-5 pounds.

There was a clinical trial conducted by Georgetown University before Garcinia Cambogia was released on the market. The participants were given Garcinia Extract and in the course of the few weeks they all managed to lose weight.

This has proven that it has weight loss properties, and it’s just one of many clinical studies performed.